Stronghold drops Interledger

I got an email from Stronghold that it is no longer supporting Web Monetization and I assume therefore Interledger since it’s just a Interledger pointer. Anyone heard any more information about their motivation for this?

Anyone has more info on this? There’s no public announcement from Stronghold yet, but they still put Coil’s logo in their homepage.

I think it’s important to differentiate between Interledger and Coil.

Stronghold are a B2B focused business and to help get Coil bootstrapped they provided receiving accounts on the Interledger for creators. i.e. They provided a service to Coil which is discontinuing.

My guess is that if any other business wanted to build on Interledger they’d be able to work with Stronghold as their partner.

From Coil’s side we’ve started directing creators to Gatehub and Uphold to get receiving accounts and Payment Pointers as these companies are consumer focused wallets.

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Only noticed by now but site seems already updated on this a few days ago…