Golang Implementation of Protocol Stack


Wondering if anyone was aware of a Golang implementation of the ILP stack currently in existence or know someone who might be working on one?



Hello @dileban, I actually started working on go client implementation for ILP. Not sure if anyone else is working. I got real busy since past 2 months due to my college and work. Let me know if you are interested in picking it up.

Good morning, mates!
After reading from @dileban, I didn’t find the stuff on Golang.
@adornala, are you working on the client side only, or you go for the whole stack of protocols?
I got excited for the ILP big goal but I am still new here. And actually, I am working in another matter for some months. But later, I will be able to come here. My initial interest is the whole stack, from its theoretical sight (before to try to code).

Hey Dileban,

I’ve been working on one in my spare time, it’s available here https://github.com/uroshercog/orcus

Note that its nowhere near a finished and compatible with the reference implementation.

There is also quite a bit of code I haven’t pushed yet (will soon).

If you have any questions feel free to answer here, or send me a dm.

It would be awesome to have some help and a fresh perspective :slight_smile:


@uroshercog Great! Thanks for the link, will take a look and get back to you soon.

@adornala What parts of ILP are you working on and have you got any code you could share?



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