Community Call - 11 January 2023

Join us for the first Interledger Community Call of 2023 on 11 January 2023!

The Interledger community calls shall be once a month, on the second Wednesday of the month.

We’ll have five regular update slots from:

  • Interledger Foundation
  • Rafiki
  • Fynbos
  • Coil
  • Open Payments teams

Interledger community member Malcolm Kastiro will give an introduction to their project through a short presentation.

The next community call will be on Invalid date → Invalid date

Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(GB) +44 20 3956 1581‬ PIN: ‪476 812 309‬#
More phone numbers:

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Please post topics you’d like to discuss here and some background context for the rest of the community.

We have slots for more regular updates on projects that build on the Interledger protocol, so please feel free to add your project to the agenda and talk a little bit about your project in the comments below.

Have questions or need help? Join us on Slack here.

Hello Vineel!

Happy new year! I hope this email finds you well.

Wanted to reach out to you because the link you sent for “add to google calendar” is not working. Ayesha had the same issue when she sent it in previous opportunities. It seems that you are sharing a private event in you calendar and thus when I click on it I get on error message that says “can not find the requested event”. I think I found the solution to the problem here:

Also, the event you sent has not times. This is what it shoes: “The next community call will be on Invalid date → Invalid date”

It would be very helpful for us if you could fix the “add to google calendar” link as it loads up to our calendars automatically and eliminates the possibility of making a mistake with time differences.

I look forward to hearing to having the call next week.



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Hi @Fernando ,

Happy New Year to you too! Welcome to the Interledger Community.

Thank you so much for your message, the " Add to Google Calendar ", I fixed it yesterday, could you try and let me know if it now directs you to the public calendar event?

I tried from my end on a different browser and account, and the date and time show correctly.

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I’m able to add the event to my calendar now. Thanks, Vineel.

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Hello everyone :wave:

Thank you for joining the Interledger Community call. Below is a recap of our January 11th, 2023, Interledger Community Call with Meeting Notes and recordings.

For those new to our community, ILF stands for Interledger Foundation. We are a community of technologists, digital creatives, researchers, entrepreneurs, and educators working to build new pathways to financial inclusion and equity through digital transactions.

00:00 == Welcome & Intro ==

01:01 == ILF Updates ==
– Bringing in more people into the Communication space, Development space, and Program Management
– Fully onboarded the breakpoint team - working on the Testnet - rough Architecture - designing interfaces
– Longer shareout on Testnet next month
– Active year for the Programs Team - New Grant Opportunities, Next steps with our current cohort of FinServ Grantees - phase 2,
– Social media #techtuesdays - technology updates from the ILF ecosystem; If you would like to share any of the milestones or technology updates that would be of value to the broader community, let the ILF staff know.

04:05 == Testnet ==
– Longer presentation next month
– finished hiring - 5 people team
– test playground for Rafiki with play money, developing a wallet for everyday users, a bank wallet - interface for bank usage, an e-commerce site, with a focus on the wallet.

06:20 == Rafiki ==
– Open Payments SDK
– Resolving open issues - B1 release end of this month
– TigerBeetle - a little bit longer
– Admin UI - coming together great
– Milestone: Rafiki v1 Milestone · GitHub
– Sunsetting the (disabled)

09:29 == Coil ==
– Coil Developer website to Coil Open Source Website
– will be featuring Interledger related projects
– DM Uchi on slack if you want to get your Interledger-related project featured.

12:20 == Community Project share | Malcolm Kastiro ==


Thanks for these updates. Do you have a date for the February call?

hey @gFam.Live , the February community call is on 8th February. You can find the agenda and call details here: Community Call - 8 February 2023 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Vineel! It looks like I’m available and it’s in my calendar now.