Authorization issue when performing payments with interledger-rs

Hi everyone!

I’m a Hyperledger Mentee working on integrating Hyperledger Iroha with the Interledger protocol. This integration consists of implementing a settlement engine for Iroha. I’ve been using interledger-rs for testing my work and so far I had no issues. However, at the moment I’m stuck at an authorization issue when trying to initiate a payment via ilp-cli. You can find all the details in the issue I’ve opened recently in interledger-rs's repo:

Also, here is some context on how everything is setup:

FYI, I run into the same issue when running the instructions from interledger-rs's eth-settlement example.

I would really appreciate some help or guidance on how to go about solving this. Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you in advance!